Approx. 12000 Years Ago - Various terraborn creatures and early humans co-exist in a state of harmony. Early tribal magics begin to emerge.

8302 BCE - Humanity begins aggressive expansion into terraborn lands. The Icthysi are displaced from the Skael Mountain basin and the Ruanar are driven from the Elandran Eversands.

6148 BCE - The first great human kingdom is created. Named for its reclusive inhabitants, Elandris begins sealing off various territories it possesses. Tales emerge from nearby lands of humans with the ability to conjure powerful magic and weave it effortlessly with technology.

5922 BCE - In response to the annexation of the Eversands, the displaced peoples of the region set sail across the sea and land on the previously unknown continent of Kyrast. Shortly after, the independent nation of Sha'raia is formed and begins experimentation with magic and technology.

4795 BCE - After a thousand years of relative peace, small skirmishes break out in the nearby islands surrounding the Elandran continent. At first there is little repercussion; however, in a few short years the conflict grows to include several smaller kingdoms and terraborn in the fighting.

4502 BCE - The Sha'raian Empire declares open war on the people of Elandris. The first of many conflicts begins in the south of the Elandran continent. Deployment of forces begins to the previously ignored Northern Continent and Easterlands. Terraborn across the world begin to flee the chaos, leading to formalities between humans being broken.

4104 BCE - Refugees from the war form small kingdoms in the Northern Continent and Easterlands. Deltana, Edaria and Maluris are formed as proxy states to the Ella'raia Stronghold. The primes of the terraborn host a summit with the Ella'raia to find a solution to the war. The outcome from this is the "Tower Initiative".

4036 BCE - The Great Light. As a result of the Tower Initiative, a cataclysmic event occurs. Various reports and documents state that a "white, blinding light" appeared across the horizon and engulfed the land in flames. Those fortunate to be inside are spared, however it is estimated that up to 80% of the population is eradicated.

3821 BCE - The kingdom of Edaria begins annexation.