Merieru Village
Merieru City Square
Vital statistics
Type Village
Level 1-10 (JLvl 10)
Location Malurian Continent
Inhabitants 492
Merieru Village is a small settlement in the south of the Malurian Continent. It serves as both the player's first experience with a city and as a central hub for quests in the area. Here, the player can obtain the starter crafting tools and can purchase low level armor for the newly unlocked classes.

Inhabitants/Quest NPCs Edit

City Square Edit

  • Inn - 50 GP
  • Merieru Blacksmith - Sells Grade 1 Equipment (Copper/Cloth)
  • Dock Worker - Gives the players a Lvl 1 Smithing Kit and some Copper Ingots.
  • Davion appears here for the first time, selling low level consumables.
  • Older Resident - After clearing the nearby monster's den, you can speak to him and receive a Fire Ward augment.
  • Duskwind - After the events on the nearby mountain, Duskwind will reside here until chapter 2. After receiving the lands near Elandris, you can speak to him and have him accompany you to your fortress.
  • Residence - Returning here after Chapter 5 will yield a chest, containing 5000 GP.

Beach Edit

  • Village Shaman - After clearing the Coral City castle, returning here will yield unique dialogue and a "story check" needed to obtain Midgardsomr as a summon spell.
  • Inspecting the bushes in the left and ride corners of the map will yield a Solvent and Tincture.

The Locked House Edit

Prior to Chapter 5, the house by the exit to the world map will remain locked. Upon completion of Chapter 4, the player can begin a quest chain leading to its opening, starting in Yurin Ruins.

Through the questline, the player receives information regarding the strange disturbances involving the house prior to it's closure. The nearby residents warn of strange noises and lights at light, when it is clear no one has lived there for some time. As the player unlocks the door, the screen begins to darken and the normally cheery music is replaced by a strange low hum.

Inside the house, a door in the back leads to a small staircase. Entering the basement, the player is given a choice: leave the house and lock the door behind you (the spirits will cease haunting activities, however you will miss the augment rune here) or continue through the basement. Choosing to press on will yield a small door which the player can enter, after which a small cutscene will play. It is revealed that the former residents were amateur conjurers who, with little experience in summoning, attempted to call forth a Aetherlord. The beast ran wild through out the house, slaughtering everyone inside and placing a seal on the door.

Your downfall as mortals is clear in your attempts to control that which cannon be controlled.
- Iron Lord
After some short dialogue, the